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20 October 2008 @ 09:51 pm

Title: Of Gaming and Chocolate...
Author: Me...yey
Length: One-shot
Genre: Humour...?
Characters:Yesung, Shindong
Summary: Yesung is a gaming nerd and Shindong can't take it anymore. (okay seriously i phail with summaries, sorry ^^;;)
a/n: First fic (that I've posted anyway), I hope you like it. Oh and I hate lj cuts...they don't work for me and make me cry in frustration T___________T. Enjoy ^^.

Of Gaming and Chocolate...

“What the hell are you doing you idiot?! No don’t just stand and die you moron! Oh for god’s sake you are such a noob…I can’t believe you just knifed me…”

This was all Shindong had been listening too since he had returned home from work. Yesung hadn’t stayed that long after the restaurant shut because he decided that he would come home and start gaming and this, unfortunately for Shindong, had been the result.

He had got home later than usual that night because one of the chef’s had been sick and Shindong being the caring boss that he is offered to take up the slack. He had been hoping to just get back to the apartment, yell at his roommate for being so inconsiderate and then collapse on his bed and remain unconscious until at least 1 the next afternoon. Yesung had made this scenario impossible.

 As soon as Shindong opened the door he had been tackled down to the ground and almost hit his head on the door frame of the still open front door.
“What did you do to the computer?” Yesung asked, eyes narrowing with every word that passed his lips. “Why isn’t it working right, you changed it somehow didn’t you?”

“What the hell Yesung I’m hardly even in the door yet will you give me a second to breath please.”
“No, I’ve got some noobs to pwn and I can’t do it with the way you’ve changed the controls. Change it back or I’ll take all your chocolate and hide it in my underwear draw.” Shindong made a disgusted face.
“Fine, fine, I only changed the sensitivity on the mouse and customized some of the keys. No biggie Hyung, I’ll go change it back now ok.”


For all the talk that Yesung had and all the hours he wasted on gaming he really didn’t know anything about computers. He worked out what he needed to press in order to ‘pwn noobs’ as he would say but his knowledge on the subject really didn’t go beyond that.


Once Shindong had fixed the problem Yesung had of course almost immediately pushed him out of the way in order to get back to his precious CS. The once quiet apartment was now filled with cries and curses as Yesung tried and failed not to die. This had been what Shindong had to live with. How would anyone be able to sleep with that sort of racket going on?


He had ended up sitting on his bed, laptop on his lap, earphones plugged in, watching an old action film filled with crappy special effects and unconvincing stage fighting. This was what life as Yesung’s roommate was like. He had come to accept that over the years but still, this was ridiculous. He couldn’t even sleep in his own apartment. Something had to be done. Yesung must be stopped!


With this in mind, Shindong tore the earphones out of his ears, dropped the laptop carelessly onto the bed (and then proceeded to go back and check that it was ok, placing it neatly on top of the covers), threw the door to his bedroom open with a bang and marched purposely down to the living room. He entered to see the back of Yesung’s head and to hear his voice echo around the room once again.
“What the hell, he was AFK you don’t knife someone if they’re AFK that’s just plain wrong.”


Shindong took a deep breath, held his head up high, then walked over to his Hyung and tapped him lightly on the shoulder.
“Could you be a little quieter please Yesung, I’m trying to sleep.” ‘Well done Shindong,’ he thought to himself, ‘that was very threatening.’ If he had an inner self he would be clapping mockingly at him right now.


The older man’s eyes never left the screen as he replied:

“Not right now Shindongie I’m right in the middle of a match…what the hell why are you just hiding behind the box will you do something!” Shindong sighed and was about to turn and walk away when his eyes landed on the couch. There it was, a symbol of Yesung’s treachery, the remains of six chocolate bars lying there innocently on the pillows looking daringly up at him. His chocolate bars. The ones that he had bought with his money specifically for the times when he was low on sugary snacks, the bars that he kept safe so that no one else would tamper with them, his favourite chocolate bar.


The inside of the wrapper gleamed menacingly at him as it reflected the light from the computer screen. This was what Shindong had needed to push him over the edge. He turned back round to face Yesung. If looks could kill then Yesung would be a steaming pile of rubble by now.

“That’s it Yesung. I’ve had enough. There is no way I’m gonna let you carry on like this anymore. You’ve gone too far this time!” He had of course been yelling to the back of Yesung’s head and (as nice as his hair was) this only succeeded in angering the younger man even more.


He stormed over to the computer, crouched behind the desk it was perched on and searched for the plug. There were so many wires...it was so confusing. Which one was for the computer? Deciding that the situation had become too dire to care, he swiftly wrapped his hand around all the wires he could find and tugged hard. What he didn’t know was that those wires were in fact coming from almost every part of the room and, by pulling them all out at once; he had caused a power surge meaning that all the power to their apartment shut down.


The pair were now left in complete darkness. One smiling triumphantly with the evidence of his deed still clutched tightly in his sweaty hand, and one sitting open-mouthed and wide-eyed, staring at the blank computer screen, hands still poised over the mouse and keyboard as if he was just waiting for it all to come back any second now.


“Shindong,” Yesung breathed out, voice sounding slightly shaky. Shindong swallowed nervously.
“Yes Hyung?” he replied sweetly, quickly throwing the wires still in his hand haphazardly onto the floor behind the desk and standing up.

“What exactly did you just do?” he asked through gritted teeth.
“I...err...pulled the cables out..?”


“Because,” Shindong looked longingly back at the empty wrappers of his chocolate. “You ate my milky bars!” Yesung scoffed.

“That is no reason for you to pull the wires out, look what you’ve done. Not only did you blow the fuses, which I don’t know how to fix by the way, but you also ruined my game. I almost had a winning streak going damnit!”


“Oh shut up you idiot, you’ve been playing for ages and not once have I seen you win more than twice in a row. I think it’s time perhaps for you to develop a hobby that you don’t fail at. Or maybe you could even do your job efficiently for a change.” Yesung stood up, eyes glaring murderously at the round face of his roommate.

“How dare you...I have so won more than twice in a row before.” Shindong shook his head and went to walk out of the room.


He had forgotten that they were in darkness and he couldn’t see where he was going until he knocked into the table by the wall and almost fell head first through the doorway to the corridor. Okay, perhaps storming off in the dark isn’t the best idea, he thought sarcastically. His inner self would once again be clapping mockingly at the ridiculous situation he had put himself in. He was distracted from his thoughts by the sound of Yesung’s laughter.


“Shut up Yesung. Help me find some candles will you.”

“We don’t have any.”

“What; why not?”

“Well, the other day Kangin came to me asking for candles. When I asked why he started explaining to me all about a romantic atmosphere and how Teukie Hyung had a bit of a fetish for candles, I sort of stopped listening to him after that and just let him have them so yeah. We don’t have any, sorry.”


Shindong looked worriedly around, hoping to find anything which would give off some sort of light.
“Shindong...” Yesung started curiously. “You’re not, I mean err, you’re not afraid of the dark are you?” Shindong looked away hiding a blush before going even redder as he realised how pointless that was considering he could barely make out the outline of Yesung’s head let alone the colour of his cheeks. Yesung began to laugh again.

“Shut up Hyung. It’s not my fault; all bad things come out under cover of darkness you know.”

“Like what exactly, Shindongie?”


“Right, cause we see them all the time. In fact I think there’s a flock of them living next door” Yesung teased.
“You don’t get flocks of zombies Hyung.” Shindong could just make out Yesung sticking out his tongue and rolled his eyes at the older man’s childishness.


Yesung sighed.
“I refuse to stay here in the dark doing nothing for hours waiting for something to happen.” He folded his arms at this statement as if he was in charge.

“Well fine Hyung, why don’t you go and do something about it then.”

“Fine, I will” and he slowly began to walk off in what he remembered as the general direction of the kitchen, arms outstretched and feeling his way around as if he was blind.

“No Yesung...I didn’t mean it” the last bit was whispered as Shindong realised that he was now alone. He wouldn’t want to make too much noise of course...might attract zombies?


Yesung made it to the kitchen in record time. It had taken him almost ten minutes to cover the short distance through the hallway and then probably another five for him to get himself firmly planted in the kitchen, leaning on the counter, feeling around for the drawers. As he found them he pulled them open and hoped that he could lay his hands on a torch of some kind. As luck would have it, he opened the fourth drawer, just about avoided getting a nasty cut from a pair of very sharp scissors, and found what he had been looking for.


“Success” Shindong heard his roommate exclaim. He didn’t notice the sudden spotlight coming towards him however, due to the fact that he had his eyes tightly shut. He was huddled under the table he had previously almost been killed by and was clutching desperately onto one of its legs. This was the sight that greeted Yesung as he entered the living room, shining the torch over to where he thought Shindong had been. Of course he began to laugh his head off and almost dropped the torch. Shindong opened his eyes and cursed quietly. Why did the older man always catch him at his worst moments?


“Hyung stop laughing at me. This is all your fault you know. If you hadn’t been so bloody obsessed with that crappy game and actually been a bit more considerate towards everyone around you then this never would have happened!” Yesung calmed down slightly but the smile never left his face.

“I know it’s my fault and I’m sorry. Here,” he handed his friend the torch. “Wait just a second.” Yesung went out of light range and Shindong once again started worrying about being left alone in the darkness for the second time that night. This didn’t last long though since Yesung returned quickly (Shindong let out a silent sigh of relief although he would never admit it).

“Here” said Yesung as he held out his hand to Shindong. He was in fact handing the chef two mega milky bars. Shindong grabbed onto them and almost snatched them out of the older man’s hand.

“What the hell?” he questioned. “I mean thanks but seriously...I didn’t see that coming...”

“One of them is to replace the bars that I ate before and one of them is to make up for being a git. Hope you enjoy.” Shindong looked at his Hyung unbelieving of what he had just heard. Then he looked down at the chocolate and felt tears come to his eyes. Yesung saw this and felt his cheeks go hot.
“I’m not that good Shindo...”

“Oh my milky goddess how I have missed you...I promise I will never neglect you ever again. I’ll eat at least one bar a day from now until the day I die...No one else will ever lay a hand on you again I promise.” Yesung looked back with a deadpan expression. Ignoring his friend he began to glance around the apartment. ‘Oh yeah, what are we gonna do about the electricity?’ ¬__¬;;

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g_myzo on October 20th, 2008 11:00 pm (UTC)
gamer!yesung is so awesome in his phail XD
a flock of zombies, lol. now i can't stop imagining them w/ wings and beaks.
this was nice ^_^
kim_hae_eun on October 21st, 2008 02:45 am (UTC)

Yesung saw this and felt his cheeks go hot.
“I’m not that good Shindo...”

“Oh my milky goddess how I have missed you...I promise I will never neglect you ever again. I’ll eat at least one bar a day from now until the day I die...No one else will ever lay a hand on you again I promise.” Yesung looked back with a deadpan expression. Ignoring his friend he began to glance around the apartment. ‘Oh yeah, what are we gonna do about the electricity?’ ¬__¬;;

loL yesung was getting all flustered cuz he thought shindong was getting teary cuz of him but it turned out to be the chocolate!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAA

hmmm i dunno, hold it out?? or use shindong's laptop??
Lydia.: KangYehfantann on October 21st, 2008 05:47 pm (UTC)
Heehaa. XDD
Don't comments make you feel special? =]
Not enough Shindongie or even Yesung in the world.
This is fabbo~ BD
._. I wanna play games with Yesung...IN MANY WAYS!!1
suezyslavesuezyslave on October 22nd, 2008 08:59 pm (UTC)
Here's the Attention.
I love it. xD
Teehee. Yesungie. xD and Shin Dong.
It was a very good story. -nod nod-
korichankorichan on October 30th, 2008 05:57 am (UTC)
Lol I started crying from laughing so hard somewhere between YeSung's bouts of 'pwning n00bs' and ShinDong's intense fear of 'flocking zombies.' Lol, someone should have gotten him the Zombie Survival Guide, not that they could read it in the dark.