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11 November 2008 @ 10:21 pm
okay, I lied...  
Title: Snoring and Failishness
Length: 4/5
Genre: Humour
Pairing: Kangin/Yesung
Summary: Yesung has a problem. If only he could tell Kangin what it was...
Warnings:More mentions of sex maybe...

a/n: Okay...so I said there'd only be four parts but yeah. Didn't quite work out like that ^^;;. Mostly because it's taking me ages to write so I figured I'd post this bit before I lose my enthusiasm (I'm sure I won't). I'm almost certain the next one will be the last...I won't drag this anti-climactic ending on any longer than I have too...
Anyways, enjoy ^^. (It's short again I know ¬__¬)


The Solution:

“So I snore then do I?” Kangin asked indifferently.
“No.” Kangin looked at him almost painfully. “...Maybe” the stare continued. “Alright fine. Yes badly, it’s like sleeping next to a lawnmower.”
“...A lawnmower?”
“Yeah, you know that one that Leeteuk bought for his mum that only seemed to work for Shindong.”
“Oh yeah...that was pretty loud.”

Yesung sighed and looked out the window.
“You do realise this van has been sitting in this car park for at least half an hour now right?”
“Well Yesung, if you had co-operated with me a little bit sooner then we could have just gone home and eaten dinner with the others.”
“I just spent the last half hour co-operating with you Kangin, and I think it went rather well actually.”
“Making out in the back of the van doesn’t count.”
“It so does.”

Silence ensued for at least five minutes after this. Yesung couldn’t tell if it was supposed to be an uncomfortable one or not, but given the way Kangin had been glaring daggers at him the whole time he figured he was supposed to feel threatened.
“It’s not my fault you snore” he blurted out. By this point he had stopped caring, Kangin was probably going to kill him anyway.


Okay, that wasn’t what I had been expecting. Yesung thought as he walked through the front door of their apartment five minutes later; completely unharmed. Apparently that hadn’t been what the others were expecting given all the open-mouthed looks he had received as he walked into the kitchen.

“What happened?” Heechul questioned, straight to the point as usual.
“It seems that way. He just chucked me out of the van and drove off...”
“But you were in the car park for half an hour.” Leeteuk stated, confused. Yesung blushed.
“I don’t want to know hyung!” Kibum practically squealed as he covered Donghae’s ears.

Leeteuk coughed, looking expectantly at Yesung, hoping to bring attention back to the problem at hand.
“I don’t know where he went hyung.” Leeteuk sighed.
“If you lose him,” he said in his best stern leader voice. “You’ll be the one to buy us a new one okay.”
“NOOO!! You can’t replace Kangin hyung!”
“Calm down Donghae, he was just joking.” Everyone looked at the pair. “Sorry,” Kibum apologised half-heartedly, smiling his epic tooth bearing smile. “Do carry on hyung.”

You’d think we’d be used to them by now, Yesung thought briefly.

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dream4fatgirl on November 12th, 2008 01:27 am (UTC)
keke... a lawnmower.. and he finally knows.