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24 December 2008 @ 05:05 pm
Fantann's Christmas Present <333  


Title: I’ll Show You Yours If You Show Me Mine
Length: One-shot (kinda long)
Genre: Humour
Pairing: Kangin/Yesung
Summary: It’s Christmas, presents need to be given. Why is it so hard to find the right one?
Warnings: Swearing, sex


Ooookay so, this is your present Fantann. I’m not entirely happy with it myself but my time has run out and I didn’t want to give you your present late ^^;;. Kangsung with Kyumin on the side, as you wished, and a big fluffy portion of Kihae for my own enjoyment xD.
I had a bit of a stress in the middle of this so the epic idea involving Kangin and his pajama party outfit came from Suezy <3 (you’ll see when you get there).
Also, I included a reference to Grey’s Anatomy cos I thought it would go well with your current obsession.
I’m surprised I managed to write a sex scene without using any dirty words (verbs do not count). I don’t like it but again, it was the best I could do in the time.
So Fantann, hope you like it =D. Luvoooooooo x

And Merry Christmas to all!!!  (I feel like such a kid at Christmas time xD)



I’ll Show You Yours If You Show Me Mine

To say that Yesung was anxious was...well, it was a complete and utter lie. He wasn’t anxious, he was fucking petrified. It was the first Christmas since he and Kangin had got together and he wanted it to be amazing, wonderful, spectacular, fantastic, fabulous...you get the point right? He needed it to be perfect. In fact, it wasn’t just their first Christmas together; it was their first anything. It had only been four days and 16 hours (not that anyone was counting) since Kangin had finally plucked up the courage to practically rape Yesung in the dressing room. Romantic confession I know. He would never forget how the younger man had pulled him in after their performance, stuck his hand down his captive’s pants and, mid-orgasm, practically screamed those three special words at him. That was certainly a story to tell their Grandkids.

Anyway we’re going off topic here. Yesung, as I mentioned earlier, was in a mad panic. He needed to get a present for his new boyfriend. This had proved a harder task than you may think. He had sat down and thought long and hard about this (he had literally sat down at his desk in total silence; scribbling a brainstorm on a piece of paper). If only Kangin could be like Sungmin. The cute singer had written a three-page list on word (spell-checked and everything) to hand out to the rest of the group. Kangin on the other hand had dropped absolutely no hints at all about what he might possibly want. Fucking useless.  

Yesung had eventually thought he would just go out and hopefully something would catch his eye. He was wrong. The only thing he saw that was even remotely interesting was a shiny silver bracelet that really did look good...he bought it for himself. Then, once he got home, he tried to write a list for Kangin again, failed again, had a stress again and ended up getting so worked up he shouted at the bracelet for letting him get it for himself and threw it across the room in a fit of rage. It was now in the bin because he broke the clasp and so it’s no longer wearable. Well done Yesung, well done.


“Kangin, are you sure you don’t wanna come Christmas shopping with us?” Leeteuk asked as he, Heechul, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun prepared to leave. He looked around before continuing. “You haven’t got Yesung a present yet have you?”
“It’ll be fine Teukie, I have it all under control” he replied, eyes never leaving the TV screen.
“All right but you better get him something good. It’s your first holiday together you know.” Kangin nodded.

He smiled to himself once he heard the door close after them. He had put a lot of thought into his present for Yesung. It was perfect, he was sure it was. He had yet to decide whether he would wrap it up or not but either way; it was going to be epic. He had no worries at all.

Everyone kept telling him to go out with them, they knew he never really got presents for people (last year he gave Leeteuk a hug for Christmas) but still, this year he needed to get one for Yesung.
He knew this of course. If only they knew his plan, they would surely leave him alone. But he didn’t want to tell anyone. It had to be a surprise.


“Kangin?” Yesung called the following night. It was midnight. They were snuggled up under the covers, Yesung’s head resting comfortably on the other man’s chest.
“Yesungie?” said man answered sleepily.
“What do you want for Christmas?”
“Hmm,” Kangin hummed in thought as he played absent-mindedly with the older man’s hair. “Anything from you will be great I’m sure.” Yesung snorted.
“Don’t be an idiot; I’m serious.”
“I wasn’t being an idiot. I was being romantic.”
“What do you want Kangin?”
“If you don’t want me to be romantic then I won’t it’s just...”
“Kangin!” Yesung sat up in frustration and almost whacked the other in the head.

“I need you to tell me what you want because I’m going insane. If you don’t tell me I’ll end up getting you something shit like an alarm clock and that will just ruin the entire holiday and it has to be special because it’s our first one together and I want it to be fucking memorable!”
“And of course I don’t want you to stop being romantic. In fact I think that was the first romantic thing you’ve said to me...”
“Don’t lie.”
“Aren’t you having any trouble getting me a present?”
“None at all?”
“No.” Yesung groaned.

“Fine, just tell me what you want.”
“Okay...err...an alarm clock would be fine.”

Kangin slept on the sofa that night.


“Kangin hyung...you slept out here?” Kibum asked; confusion obvious in his voice. He had only wanted to watch some early morning TV by himself before the rest woke up. It was usually the only peaceful, quiet time he got all day. Kangin nodded.  

“Why? What did you do?”
“Yeah, I did nothing and Yesung had a complete spasm and sent me here.” Kibum laughed.

“What’s so funny?” Kangin questioned threateningly.
“Yesung hyung is just a bit uptight at the moment is all...”
“But why?”
“Have you not noticed how insane he’s been? Running around trying to find the perfect present for you...I saw him yelling at a bracelet the other day...I really think he’s cracked.”
“Well; we all knew it was coming.” Kibum rolled his eyes.
“Hyung, just make sure what you give him is really good okay.” Kangin smiled triumphantly.
“No worries there, Kibummie. He’ll love it.”

Kibum nodded and sat down on the sofa next to Kangin. He was still going to get his quiet time even if it was invaded by Kangin. Besides, he needed to watch the next episode of Grey’s Anatomy. His obsession had to be fuelled. Last time he didn’t watch it; he spent all day quoting medical conditions to almost everyone in sight...not a good idea really.

“Yeah hyung?”
“Does Donghae get stressed about what presents to get you?” Kibum laughed again.
“No. He gets something he thinks is amazing but he himself would actually never use and gives it to me...”
“Hmm, I’ve got a box of useless crap in my closet full of all his wonderful gifts.” Kim Kibum – master of sarcasm.
“So why don’t you throw it away?”
“Because Donghae gave it to me...”

“...eww Kibum, I didn’t know you were such a girl.”
“I bet you’ll be the same hyung so shut it. I’m trying to watch Grey’s Anatomy.”


Breakfast the next morning was not fun for Yesung. He had his usual four and a half cups of coffee but Kangin wasn’t talking to him. Maybe it was a bit hasty making him sleep on the sofa last night. He was being an idiot though, it was completely justified.

“Sungmin, help me please.” He all but begged once it was just the two of them left in the room. Well, the two of them and Donghae who was always so oblivious in the mornings he really didn’t count.

“You need help getting Kangin a present right hyung?”
“You wanna know what I got Kyuhyunnie?”
“Do you think this is funny Sungmin?”
“No hyung, hear me out okay. I didn’t get him anything because his present for Christmas is me.” Yesung raised an eyebrow at the proud smile now occupying the younger man’s face.

“Uh huh. You see I’m going to give him the best night of his life...that will be his present.”
“The best night of his life?”
“Yeah, there’s this thing I do with my tongue that he really likes and...”
“Oh-kay too much information Sungmin, please stop.”
“Now, stop now Sungmin.”

Yesung sighed and almost whacked his head on the table before he realised that might mess up his hair and so merely slammed down his cup of coffee slightly harder than he usually would.

“I could help hyung.” Donghae offered, smiling widely at the prospect.
“You could? Have you already got Kibum a present then?”
“Of course, I got it on the first of December” he announced with pride.
“...What is it?”
“It’s this clock thing, it’s all purple and sparkly and it’s sings Marry U at whatever time you set it too.”
“...so an alarm clock then?”
“Well yeah I guess so...” This time Yesung really did let his head hit the table, three hours of hair-styling be damned.


He didn’t know where everyone else was and quite frankly he didn’t really care. This was way more fun anyway. It really had just started with a lack of clothing and so Kangin had to wear his Pajama Party outfit because he had nothing else (I swear he looked everywhere). Then he started looking in the mirror to check just how idiotic he looked (it wasn’t to check how big his arse was honest). Then he just so happened to get the song in his head (it’s only natural, it is his song). Then, naturally, the dance came into his head to accompany the song (maybe this part was going a bit far). Anyway, the whole ordeal ended rather...interestingly.

“PAJAMA!!! PAJAMA PARTY!!! Oneul bam muhtjin patireul Haeyo” was all the Super Junior members (minus Kangin) could hear as they entered their apartment after a long day of shopping. It was Christmas Eve so every shop had been packed. It was a necessity though. Completely unavoidable. The fact that Yesung had literally threatened to get Kangin to kill all of them if they didn’t help him find a present didn’t factor into it at all. No, they all just had a nice band outing. Anyway, back to the situation at hand.

“Achimi ol ddaeggaji!!!”
“What the fuck?” Yesung exclaimed, but it went unheard considering the noise Kangin was making. The singer walked briskly to his and Kangin’s room and pushed open the door.

There he was. Kangin, staring in the full-length mirror, dressed in his Pajama Party attire, singing ridiculously loudly and dancing extremely retardedly, completely oblivious to his boyfriend’s presence.
“You have got to be shitting me Kangin!” he practically screamed in his attempt to be heard. It must have worked because Kangin froze, mid hip-thrust, and turned to look at the man currently intruding on his fun.
“Oh hi Yesungie...” he greeted quietly. “How was your day?”

“...What are you doing?” His tone was low and terribly frightening. If Kangin was a smaller man he would have ran and hid by now.
“Err...because it’s part of our job...?”
“No.” Yesung shook his head, confusing Kangin completely. “You’re doing this deliberately aren’t you.” It was more of a statement than a question.
“What are you..?”
“I’ve been out all fucking day looking for a great present for you and you’ve been here having a pajama party all on your lonesome and doing absolutely nothing at all to prepare for, what I told you the other day, needs to be an epic Christmas!”
“I...err...well...you spent all day buying me a present?” Silence.


“I’m going to bed.” Yesung stated finally. Kangin nodded and began to move towards their bed. “Kangin?”
“Yeah babe?”
“You’re sleeping on the sofa tonight.”


It was Christmas day. Everyone had been woken up at five am because Donghae had been too excited to stay asleep. Poor Kibum had been up with him since four. Kangin was the last one to wake up, only stirring as the other 12 members filed sleepily into the living room.

Their Christmas morning was the same as always. Sungmin pretending to act surprised as he received all the presents from his list and then disappearing off to give Kyuhyun his present.
 Kibum smiling his mega-watt smile as Donghae handed him his present (this year the purple sparkly Marry U alarm clock). Donghae practically squealing as Kibum gave him a book entitled: Aliens and where to find them, and a new beanie which he then continued to wear for the rest of the day. 
Heechul ranting about how amazing his presents for everyone were but the ones he received in return were rubbish (except for Hangeng’s of course), Hangeng just smiling before walking off to phone his family in China.
Leeteuk acting his leader self and trying to keep everyone calm so they didn’t annoy the neighbour’s...everyone knows he’ll be the loudest one by the end of the day.
Eunhyuk playing Christmas songs on his stereo at full-blast and doing dances that really didn’t match the beat and therefore became absolutely hilarious.
Everyone complaining to Shindong because all he gave them was chocolate and him defending himself purely by saying that chocolate is an amazing present and he’d be more than happy to receive that for Christmas (that’s all they’ll get him next year).
Ryeowook singing along to the Christmas songs Eunhyuk was playing (not very well however, whilst he was crying with laughter).
Siwon trying to get Heechul to stop complaining about his presents which were actually quite expensive and not getting anywhere.  
Kangin, still lying on the sofa, asking everyone to go to him to receive their present (which once again, happened to be a hug).
Yesung being the only one out of the ordinary. His idea of the perfect Christmas perhaps pushed out of his head in favour of sulking in the corner.

It wasn’t until after their Christmas dinner (which had been cooked rather well by Hangeng, Shindong and Leeteuk) that the Kangsung couple finally began their Christmas.

“Yesungie~~~” Kangin called from the living room doorway. Yesung ignored him. “Yesungie~~~” ignored again. “Yesung, I know you spent ages getting me a present, don’t you want to give it to me?” Yesung raised an eyebrow. “I’ll show you yours if you show me mine.” Strange sentence but it seemed to do the trick. Yesung stood up from his place on the floor, albeit reluctantly, and followed Kangin to their bedroom. He sat down on the bed; still not saying anything.

“I know you’re mad and you think I haven’t done anything to prepare for Christmas right?” Yesung nodded. “Well, err...you may be right but, I’ve still got the best present ever in store for you okay?”
“You have?”
“Yes.” Yesung looked at him unbelievingly but soon shrugged.
“You want yours first then?”
“That would be nice.”

Yesung walked over to the closet and pulled out a box wrapped neatly in newspaper.
“I spent so much time looking for the present I forgot to buy wrapping paper” he said weakly. Kangin smiled, ripped the paper off and pulled open the box. Then there was silence.

“So, you like it?”
“What is it?”
“It’s an alarm clock that plays Marry U to wake you up.”
“It’s purple” Yesung nodded “...and sparkly.”
“Yes it is.”
“So, do you like it?”
“Err, yeah.”
“So you’re gonna put it by the bed and use it every day?”
“Good.” Kangin breathed a sigh of relief.

“So...where’s mine?” Yesung asked unenthusiastically. Kangin moved to sit down next to him on the bed. He pointed upwards, smiling proudly.

Following the direction of his boyfriend’s finger; Yesung moved his gaze up to the ceiling. And there it was; the present that, according to Kangin, was going to be amazing. There, stuck unevenly to the ceiling with duct tape, hung a small piece of mistletoe.

“Here” he breathed into Yesung’s hear making the poor man jump.
“What are you...mmphff” Kangin cut him off with a kiss and pushed him down so that, through what Yesung can only assume was some bloody spectacular maneuvering on Kangin’s part, he was now lying comfortably on the bed, Kangin straddling his waist and holding his wrists above his head.

He smiled down at the older man before leaning in to leave small kisses around his neck and chest. All Yesung could do was moan and move his head to allow Kangin better access. Who was he to deny such a nice Christmas present really?

He may have been slightly miffed at the fact that he spent all this time looking for something great when Kangin just assumed sex was the best present imaginable. Well...who could deny that fact? Yesung certainly couldn’t. Not while Kangin was slowly stripping them both as he continued to mark Yesung as his own, licking, biting and sucking every bit of skin he could find. Not while Kangin, after now having managed to discard of all the clothing that could have possibly got in the way of his plan, was making his way slowly up his inner thigh. Teasing, stroking and again; more sucking as Yesung moaned and begged for more. Not while his eyes squeezed shut and his body tensed as he felt Kangin preparing him for what he knew was coming.

He almost screamed when Kangin entered him, waiting momentarily for the pain to subside only to have it replaced by pleasure as Kangin began to move. It was gentle at first but, as the desperation for release grew in both of them the pace increased.

Yesung can remember pleading for more, telling Kangin to move faster and Kangin following every demand. It didn’t take long for them both to reach their climax. Screaming each other’s names and collapsing on the bed; panting and sweating.

“Merry Christmas Baby” Kangin muttered between breaths. Yesung smiled.
“Mmm, you too Kangin.” 

Silence overtook them as they settled into each other’s embrace, exhaustion taking over their bodies.

“Did you talk to Sungmin about what Christmas present to get me?”
“...Maybe. Why, did you?”
“I did.”
“Oh...well the mistletoe was all my idea.” Yesung looked up at the ceiling and smiled at the pitiful sight of such tiny mistletoe, now coming lose from the duct tape that had originally been holding it in place and looked as if it was about to fall on top of them.
“I see, well done then.”

“Well what about you?”
“What about me?”
“I saw Kibum receiving a strangely similar gift to mine from Donghae this morning.”
“Did you? Imagine that. What a coincidence.”
“...” Yesung sighed.

“Next year let’s try and think of something original, okay?”
“Deal...can we do this again though?”

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yesungswifeyyesungswifey on December 25th, 2008 03:23 am (UTC)
Yay! SOME GOOD QUALITY KANGSUNG SMUT! (well actually the first smut i read about them)

very nice job *^_^*
buggeration_12buggeration_12 on December 25th, 2008 09:48 am (UTC)
It was the first smut I've written...I'm so glad you liked it =D
Merry Christmas <3