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buggeration_12's Journal



Right, I think I should let it be known that I am a complete lj retard...I have no idea how to do anything...I got my friend to do my layout for me ^^;;
Anyways, that aside it should also be known that I fail and win at life in a variety of different ways all of which I will not explain here because it will take forever...but it is true I assure you.
In fact, you can probably tell the failage by all that crap that I am writing in here right now...
Does this even make sense...?
Don't know, doesn't really matter anyway I suppose.
Right basically I've sort of been running around on lj for ages (when I say running I mean sitting in my comfy spinny chair and clicking on links) I just never got an actual account...possibly because I'm too lazy. Oh I guess that brings me to my next point.
I am chronically lazy. I actually think it's a disease. I don't mean to be...it just happens. It's like when you don't mean to eat that chocolate that's over there and you really try not too but then you realise five minutes later that you're holding an empty wrapper and there's crumbs on your top....or does that only happen to me...and I don't actually know how that relates to my laziness but when I was typing it it seemed to work in my mind.
Okay, I should probably stop talking/typing/waffling/rambling/(insert other synonym here) because I've actually forgotten what I've been saying and am too lazy to scroll up and read it so...yeah.
Just know that everything in life is made of win, except for the things that fail =]
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